Wednesday, 18 February 2009


Please post your feedback or email it to me and I will upload it.

Many thanks


From: Sharon
Date: 24 September 2007 20:21:54 BST
To: Rachel Mathews
Subject: Re: Planting plan

Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for your time and guidance for today. Jason was so impressed when he got home from work to see the beds full of plants. My mum is going to help me plant them this week.

Once again, many thanks for all your help, I shall make sure everybody knows about my garden and that you designed it, I shall sing your praises, if you want to send me some business cards I will be able to hand them out for you.

Any way speak soon.

Kind regards


From: Eric
Date: 28 October 2007 21:29:49 GMT
To: Rachel Mathews
Subject: Re Saturday

Rachel, hi

just to let you know that we were really delighted with your design for our garden. We spent most of yesterday and today talking it over and going backwards and forwards to look again at the drawings.

Most of all we were very impressed with the way that you were able to interpret our less than clear brief and come up with something that we could both agree on!

Kind regards


From: "Debbie
Date: 11 December 2007 18:59:17 GMT
To: "Rachel Mathews"
Subject: Beverley Road

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for bring the garden design round last week, we both really like it and agree that you have captured exactly what we were looking for!

When will you be able to provide us with a quote and when will you be able to start work?



Date: 15 February 2008 15:45:48 GMT
To: rachel
Subject: Francis Kellerman Walk

Dear Rachel

WOW. Our garden is stunning. Thank you so much. Its everything we dreamed of, and more.

Its an amazing feeling to have something turn from an idea, into a drawing, into reality ........................................AND its all ours !

We hope you and your team are all very proud of this one.

Simon and Ash are unbelievably brilliant, and I can't believe how strange its been not having them here today!

Hope to see you for that last photo!
Masses of gratitude
Julia & Hennie

Date: 15 June 2008 14:27:32 BST
To: rachel
Subject: Re: Design B

Fabulous. I love the way you printed out all the plants and labeled them, it's really detailed. I will recommend you to all my freinds. It has been a pleasure working with you. If only the rest of the house building was 1/10th as smooth :)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are very pleased and excited with the design, it is very much what we had in mind :)
design A, square one, not the circular version (which is nice too though)

thanks so much,

From: Caroline
Date: 15 August 2008 11:12:02 BST
To: Rachel Mathews
Subject: Gable Thatch

Hi Rachel

Just thought I'd drop you a note to let you know the patio is nearly
finished. It has changed slightly as we've gone along, but is still very
close to the original design and it looks fantastic.

I'll let you know when it's finished in case you want to take some photos,
otherwise I'd be happy to send you some.

Thanks for helping us with this, we'd never have got it looking so nice.

Kind regards.


From: Tony
Date: 11 January 2009 14:53:24 GMT
To: Rachel Mathews
Subject: Final payment

Dear Rachel,

I have sent the final payment via BACS. Please pass on our compliments to Simon for his hard work throughout; he's done a really polished and professional job.



Date: 18 September 2009 14:37:47 BST
To: Rachel Mathews
Subject: Re: Nearly forgot!


Again. Many thanks - we are really pleased with the outcome. There is nearly always something, whatever we do, that on reflection we should have done differently. We are pressed to think of anything with either front or back designs so well done!
Many thanks
Viv and Linda

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